The Journal / Ohio State University / Interview by Margaret Cipriano

Selections from ICELANDx207: Green Line
Interview by Margaret Cipriano

The Journal Mag
May 18, 2016

Margaret Cipriano: Looking at your images, I have a sense of an implied narrative, or at least, a gesture toward narrative. How do these pieces combine your personal story with that of your subjects?

Justin Levesque: “ICELANDx207″ as whole personally speaks to a long-running fascination and love for Iceland. It’s been shockingly serendipitous that a borderline obsession was answered so accurately with the arrival of Eimskip in Portland and further, to then making the right phone call at the right time to the right person which ultimately put me smack dab in the middle of a conversation important to Maine. The peculiar luck of it all is not lost on me. I’ve never had a calling before but I imagine this is what it feels like.