Take Magazine by John W. Arvanitis

Slow Boat to Iceland
by John W. Arvanitis

Take Magazine
August 29, 2016

Almost one year ago, Maine-based photographer Justin Levesque hopped on a container ship headed to Iceland. The artist embarked on this nine-day journey as an attempt to document many complex ideas related to commerce and culture, podcasting and photographing his surroundings all the way. After almost a year of digesting his experience, editing photos, and planning, Justin is ready to show the world what he’s discovered from this unconventional residency through an up-coming exhibition,ICELANDx207: Container.
“I didn’t really know exactly what I was getting into…going to sea is something I’ve never really done before. I knew what kinds of images I generally like to make but doing it and thinking about it are two different things.”, stated Justin about his experiences with the sea prior to his journey. In addition, Levesque was new to the world of podcasting, which presented its own set of unique challenges. Imagine how long it takes to record a daily podcast in the middle of a container ship, then upload the 34 minute segment with very low wi-fi from the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Folks who followed him back then could track his geographic position across the ocean, in real-time, as he uploaded each new podcast episode.