There’s No Beginning
and There’s No End

BUOY Gallery
Kittery, Maine

A group exhibition on the color black curated by Justin Levesque


December 15 from 6 – 9PM

On view:
December 14 – January 31


k. funmilayo aileru
KYLE B. co.
Tad Beck
Astrid Bowlby

Edwige Charlot
Luc Demers
Meg Hahn
Duncan Hewitt
Lin Lisberger

Rose Marasco
Kyle Patnaude
Benjamin Spalding
Gwen Tatro


Exhibition Text
by Katy Kelleher

Full text is found in catalog on-site and will be posted online after closing.

Exhibition documentation:

An Excerpt:

In the Bible, the Book of Genesis claims that before there was light, there was darkness. Some believe that this indicates black was the first of all colors, the mother of the rest. According to physics, black is not a color (neither is white) because it does not have a wavelength. White contains all wavelengths of light in one blinding force, but black is marked by the absence of visible light.

It’s rather remarkable to think about how close the original authors of the Bible came to identifying the physics of light, but then again, it is quite simple; there is darkness, then there is dawn. There is black, then comes white. We wear black when we grieve and when we have lost, and perhaps this is because the night is always grieving for the dawn, and blackness grieves for its foil. Maybe we’ve always known that opposites attract, that loss loves gain and gain loves loss.