Ax207 // 01. Forthcoming

LONGYEARBYEN, SVALBARD, JUNE 2017 // ARCTICx207 will primarily function to provide an objective response to concerns around commerce and exchange previously raised in ICELANDx207. Essentially, the necessary sequel, the flip side to the coin; to be discovered in the austere landscape of the Arctic Circle.

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When I left the container ship residency in October 2015, I knew that I had only scratched the surface of a deeply complicated world of shipping, ships and life at sea. There are questions I still need answers to:

Why does one day at sea feel like three days on land and how can I represent this sense of discordant time with images? 

I also seek to continue making images that engage in the evolution of Maine’s relationship to the North Atlantic and Arctic Circle and to expand my artistic practice in congruence to other new contextual positions. For instance:

How do initiatives for the economic development of Maine acknowledge and/or ignore Arctic issues while simultaneously leveraging changes in climate?

THE ARCTIC CIRCLE // A residency program that brings together international artists of all disciplines, scientists, architects, and educators who collectively explore remote and fascinating destinations aboard a sailing vessel.

The Arctic Circle takes place in the international territory of Svalbard, a mountainous Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees from the North Pole. The vessel, a traditionally rigged Tall Ship, is equipped with work space, common areas and ample room for privacy and creativity.

The program provides the opportunity for artists and innovators to pursue their personal projects on board while exploring collaborations with the expedition’s fellow participants.

The Arctic Circle provides a shared experience for its participants to engage in a myriad of issues relevant to our time and to develop professionally through interdisciplinary collaborations, exhibit opportunities, and public and classroom engagement.